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Rosenberg FUMC 4-18-21 Worship Service

Worship starts at 10am on Sunday as always! A few helpful links are below. Thanks for joining us!

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Building Project Update (Your Help Needed!) - We mentioned a couple of months ago that we needed to do some work on our sanctuary and we’re finally ready to push forward with the project. The urgent need is related to some water damage caused by a tree growing through the roof in one corner of the sanctuary. To fix the cause of the problem and the resulting damage will cost a total of $20,537. With your generosity, we have already raised $6,990! The trustees plan to seek as many donations as possible from now till their next meeting on May 3rd. If we haven’t yet raised the full amount, they will figure out an alternative way to fund the work so that it can begin ASAP. To give, click and donate to the “Sanctuary Project” fund.

May 1st - Food Give Away! - We’ve been looking for some small way to bless and connect with our community. We’ll do so on May 1st by handing out non perishable food items. Please bring any food or monetary donations to the sanctuary or fellowship hall between now and then. The Methodist Men will be hosting an open breakfast at 8am and we’ll head to the pumpkin patch lot at 10am to give out food. I hope you can join us!

Community Fun Days - One of our goals in future planning is to have a next step in mind for our events. We want to make sure that if we connect with someone new or make a new connection with someone who has been around forever, we have at least one next opportunity to deepen that connection. As such, we’re in the process of planning three community events throughout the summer. We’ll at least finalize a day and general theme before the food give-away so that we can invite the people we meet to take a simple next step. If you’d like to be involved in the planning, please contact Jeremy ( Our one specific plan is to host a Community Cookout on Sunday May 30th at noon. We’re planning for hot dogs and hamburgers and will figure out the rest of the details soon!

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