VBS 2020 - Focus

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Week 3 Craft


Week 3 Lesson

At dinner tonight, ask: What is something that’s easy for
you to talk about with your friends? What is something
that’s hard?

MATTHEW 16:13-20
Peter Says that Jesus is the Messiah
You can TALK with others

about what you believe.


Week 2 Craft


Week 2 Lesson

Find our theme song and sing along.

https://spoti.fi/2lxHYJW If you’re feeling brave, post a

video or pic dancing to the music and use the hashtags:


MATTHEW 7:24-27

The Wise and Foolish Builders


You can HEAR from God.


Week 1 Craft


Week 1 Lesson

​This week, we will learn that when we take a look, we can
see God in creation. Talk with your family about where
you all see God in creation.

Seeing God in Creation
Focus on what you can SEE.


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