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Disaffiliation Discernment Resources

Below, you will find the videos, pdfs, and emails that we have shared regarding whether and why our church should consider disaffiliating from the UMC. Please reach out at any time if you have questions, concerns, or simply want to share your perspective -


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Timeline of the process (see pg 2)

Discussion Guide

Pastor Jeremy’s Notes and Thoughts for RFUMC Discernment

Two additional interviews (first shared on 1/17/23) - Bishop David Graves and Bishop Mande Muyombo

Disaffiliation Discernment: Text

Week 1 (1/15/23) - History of the UMC

Primary Resource: Questions from the Pews (pdf)

Additional Resources: Historical Timeline (image), Good News videos (1 2 3 and 4), a UMC Response (videos 1 2 3 and 4)

Week 2 (1/22/23) - Human Sexuality, Covenant, Connection, etc.

Primary Resource: Shared Definitions (pdf)

Additional Resources: Laity Discussion (video), The Saddest Day (pdf - a narrative retelling of how the relevant BOD paragraph came to be - it is quite long and provided for those interested in more historical context rather than to provide specific or unique arguments)

Week 3 (1/29/23) - What Comes Next?

Primary Resources: UMC GMC comparison (pdf), The Christmas Covenant FAQs (pdf - website here)

Additional Resources: interview with our new Bishop, Good News videos (5, 6), UMC Response (videos 5, 6)

Disaffiliation Discernment: Text

November Board Update - contains a timeline of relevant events in Jan and Feb

An interview with Bishop Harvey, our new Bishop effective Jan 1st, regarding her history and expectations for the future.

A link to the Christmas Covenant, which Bishop Harvey mentions in the interview above, and which outlines some of the more likely developments in the structure and mission of the United Methodist Denomination.

October 11th All Church Resource Email

Questions from the pews (includes a good history of why this is a discussion in the first place)

Official Disaffiliation Timeline for a July 1 effective date

Comparison of UMC and GMC

An article with helpful definitions to better define and understand each other

A link to an organization with an express goal of “holding together various backgrounds and theological positions to offer the strongest possible witness to the love of Jesus Christ.”

A link to the Global Methodist Church website, the most common alternative denomination being considered by many churches who vote to disaffiliate.

Disaffiliation Discernment: Files
A more traditionalist pastor's sermon
Disaffiliation Discernment: Watch
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